September 6-7, 2018
Atlanta, GA

A developer-focused Blockchain conference

Join us in Atlanta for a 3 day event, September 5-7, 2018

BlockChainConf is a conference for software engineers interested in or building applications that leverage decentralized data, decentralized ownership, decentralized identity, decentralized infrastructure and software.

There is more to BlockChain that cryptocurrencies and ICOs! This conference will arm you with the technical skills and tools to build the infrastructure and applications for a new decentralized world.



Along with two days of deep dive Blockchain technology presentations, we are pleased to offer a full day, hands-on Blockchain workshop on September 5!

Blockchain Hands-on Workshop

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Conference Host

Melissa Davis

CEO Elev8

Event Ambassador

Ian Scarffe

Blockchain Advisor and Consultant


Wednesday September 5th


Blockchain hands-on workshop

Pratik Patel Pad Kankipati

Featured Speakers

Christopher Ferris

IBM Distinguished Engineer and CTO Open Technology for IBM

Understanding Hyperledger Fabric

Stephen Pair

CEO Bitpay

Will Blockchain Technology Replace the Database?

Marley Gray

Principal Architect for the Azure Blockchain

Architect and Design of true Multi-Party Distributed Applications

Nat Villasana

Software Engineer at Storj

Getting Started With Smart Contracts and Blockchain-related Tools

Chris Matthieu

Computes, inc.

Decentralized Cloud Computing

All Speakers

Fabian Gompf

Polkadot & Parity Substrate

Razi Rias

Improving Privacy in Blockchain using Homomorphic Encryption

Edwin Marcial

Keynote Moderator

Jovonni Pharr

Exposing A Customizable, Decentralized Cryptoeconomy as a Data Type

Timothy Summers

Applying the Hacker's Mindset to Create the Future's Decentralized Autonomous Organizations

John Wolpert

Blockchain Technology 2020 Roadmap

Hunter Prendergast

The ABC's of Blockchain Crypto

Simi Hunjan

Speed, security, and fairness in dapps

Jacek Materna

Source Code Management on Blockchain

Ian Pun

The KittyVerse: extending CryptoKitties beyond the core smart contract

Matthew May

Regulatory Update on Cryptocurrency

Chris Matthieu

Decentralized Cloud Computing

Pratik Patel

Blockchain hands-on workshop

Pad Kankipati

Blockchain hands-on workshop

Alex Nascimento

Blockchain Business Applications

Jim Nasr

Blockchain for Healthcare and Pharma

Joanna Pawluk

How blockchain technology can shape the future of culture

Brian Wentzloff

Creating a truly decentralized Ethereum Dapp using IPFS

Kell Canty

Multi-Chain Transaction Harvesting and Analytics

Igor Artamonov

How blockchain technology can change IoT

Taggart Bowen-Gaddy

Organizing your Web3 Dapp using Modern React Practices

Brian Platz

Distributed Data in the Blockchain World

James Barry

Blockchain 101

Phil Mesnier

A developer's view of EOSIO

Paul Calabrese

A developer's view of EOSIO

Angeleen Wilson

Pick your Blockchain Protocol

James Barry

Using the Blockchain in a core cyber security application

Mark Grand

Blockchain Security

Michael Tidwell

Be Creative and Build Something Now!

Alex Leitner

Getting Started With Smart Contracts and Blockchain-related Tools

Nat Villasana

Getting Started With Smart Contracts and Blockchain-related Tools

Stephen Pair

How Blockchain is disrupting database technology

Christopher Ferris

Understanding Hyperledger Fabric

Marley Gray

Architect and Design of true Multi-Party Distributed Applications


LATE Registration is $645

*Includes breakfast, lunch, t-shirt, raffle entry, after-parties, parking, and more!


Main conference only, September 6-7.


Workshop on September 5, AND main conference September 6-7.

Want to pay with Bitcoin or BTC? Just contact us!


Cobb Galleria, Atlanta, GA

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